Getting Back To Your Yoga Practice

After the holidays or any break from your yoga practice, it can be incredibly challenging and intimidating to get back on your mat. You may even trick yourself into finding reasons to not return to your routine.  It’s easy to put things off until tomorrow or next week.

It happens! But when it does, know that you can get back into your yoga routine in no time.

Here are some tips below to help you find your way back.

Give yourself a break.

Rather than expecting yourself to pick up right where you left off, give yourself a break! Don’t judge where you are now, but rather observe where you are now.  Accept that this is simply another step on your yoga journey.  Acknowledge and appreciate your will to get back to your mat. 

Choosing a mantra at the beginning of class can help you keep your focus for that particular class.  Here are a few helpful mantras:

  •  I love myself. I am a beautiful, unique spirit. There is no one else quite like me.

  • I can choose positive thoughts. I understand the power of my self-talk and choose to select thoughts that are uplifting and positive.

  • I let my happiness be visible to others.  I can use my happiness to bring joy to others.

  • I am strong. I have many strengths that I use to navigate the ups and downs of my life. I am tougher and braver than I look.

Take It Slow

If you have taken a break in your yoga routine, you may not be as flexible or balanced. You may even feel little sore from the lack of movement.  No worries -  Two mantras come to mind for that: 

1.  “Motion is Lotion” I heard that one from a Hamilton Chiropractor, Dr. Nicole Ciraolo 

2. “Rest = Rust - We were built to move.”  Dr. Stuart McGill - foremost expert on the bio-mechanics of the spine.  

When returning to practice, be slow and mindful; be kind to your body. Always move within the range of motion that you have available to you in your body on any particular day and move away from pain.  Use props to make poses fit your body.  Take it slow, take it easy, and you’ll be back into your routine in no time.   

 Schedule Mat Time

To get back to your yoga routine, you have to make a conscious effort to schedule your mat time.  Take a look at your calendar, decide what is realistic for

you and your schedule, and start filling in your yoga classes.  Maybe begin with one practice a week, then work your way to two, and so on.
Enjoy Your Return

Enjoy getting back into your yoga routine, feel all the benefits yoga has to offer your mind, body, and spirit like:

Improving posture, increasing flexibility, helping with sleep, improving circulation, building muscle strength, improving body image, increasing lung capacity, protecting bone health, maintaining joint health, helping ease anxiety, stress, improving mood and relaxation.

See you soon!


Diane St. JohnComment